Magic Links

Alan’s Magic – this is a good place for magicians that are after good bargains. Here you can buy, sell and exchange.
Apprentice — the best net-play program I’ve seen!
Arjan’s Show-Biz Centre – large world-wide supplier of magic tricks and much more. Fast international service.
Beyond Dominia
Card Trader — Java Trading Service
Card Trick Central
Chaos Magic’s Website
Cloister’s Trading Card Price Lists – The Cloister price lists are the most up-to-date prices guides for determining the value of your Magic cards.
Deck Meister!
Electronic Illusions
Elmwood Magic
Empire Magic
Goudy Medieval — TTF (True Type Font)
Internet Magic Association
Joe Labero – the magic master
Lance Burton Page – If you don’t know who he is, you should.
Magic & Illusion
Magic Dan’s page
Magical History of Speciality Entertainment – historical resource following early magicians jugglers performers and acts through to present day entertainers.
Magic Stuff
Magic Suitcase
Magical Secrets
MagicTalk! The Official Discussion Group for Magicians!
Microprose Magic CD-Rom Game Patch
Monticup Magic
Mox Perl WWW Magic Database
Official David Copperfield Page – Need I say more? Official Site of M:TG
Official Wizards of the Coast Home Page – The Wizards of the Coast Web site is the source for official announcements, rules information, card information, Magic related fiction, and more.
Online Magic Showroom
Penn and Teller’s Sin City Site – If you’re not already a fan, you soon will be
Pete Best’s Discount Magic
Practical Magic Links
Simply Magic
Socialist Magic Links
Spectrum HoloByte-MicroProse HomePage – Check out the latest information on Microprose’s Magic: The Gathering computer game.
Spirit Link
Stephen D’Angelo’s Collection of Magic Stuff – Stephen D’Angelo is the official source for Magic: The Gathering rulings information. His rulings compilations are used in The Mage’s Library and The Mage’s Workshop.
The All Magic Guide – is basically what the name suggests.
The Conjuring Cabaret
The Duelist Online
The Guardian’s Keep – Wander around the Keep to find information on decks, strategy, and more.
The Hordes
The Library of Dominia
The Linking Page – a good starting point for finding out all about magic
The Mage’s Library
The Magic Channel
The Magic Dojo
The Magic Pages – a great source for learning magic technique and includes some good short essays on magic
The Organized Comprehensive Magic: The Gathering Resource List – The most complete list of links for finding information about Magic on the Internet.
Thomas Toth – A ‘Bizarre’ magician. Don’t leave this page without reading some of the essays
Trendy Magic
True Magic
Up your sleeve magic
Van Buren’s World of Magic & Illusion – international illusion show as seen on television & performed before Royalty, history, inventions, juggling, magic.
Vault Magazine – Monthly e-Zine for Magic: The Gathering and other CCG gamers featuring strategy, deck building advice, and lots more. Check out the review of The Mage’s Workshop in Issue 10 – September 1996.
Web of Magic – a great site full of links to magic shops and magicians, and even a puzzle page
Wizards of the Coast
Wizards of the Coast in Europe